BioShock 2 Players Reporting Problems with New "Metro" DLC


Posted May 14, 2010 - By G4Sterling

BioShock 2 Rapture Metro DLC Details, Pack Not Releasing This Week

Earlier this week, 2K Games released the "Rapture Metro Pack," the second set of downloadable content that fleshes out BioShock 2's multiplayer mode. "Metro" includes six new maps, as well as new achievements/trophies tied into the new content. But as I've discovered through our review process for our upcoming Verdict article, as well as via several user reports on the 2K Games forums, it seems that there's a catch to the new pack. You'll want to hear this one, especially 2K Games' response.

If you want to play the new multiplayer maps in a public match, you'll need a lobby full of players who've also purchased the content. If anyone in your group doesn't have "Metro," BioShock 2 will put you into a game using previously released maps instead of anything from your new pack.

I reached out to the publisher for regarding these user concerns and received an official statement from 2K Community Manager Elizabeth Tobey (also posted on the BioShock 2 forums):

"We couldn’t assume that all users would purchase the maps, so we made a design decision to unify the user base in order to provide the best gameplay experience possible. The DLC maps will cycle into the rotation if everyone in the room owns them, otherwise the game will load the base maps. If users want a more direct control over their experience they can create private matches which they can set to play just the DLC maps."

That sounds somewhat dandy, except that two achievements/trophies ("Aqua Incognita," which you're awarded for playing a public match on all six new maps, and "Territorial," which you get for winning on all six new maps) are tied to playing the new content in public lobbies. I reached back out to 2K for another statement regarding these achievements, and will update once I have more information.

Have you purchased the new content, and are you experiencing similar problems?

Source: 2K Forums

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BioShock 2 Players Reporting Problems with New "Metro" DLC


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