Review: Iron Man 2 Game "A Largely Joyless Experience"


Posted May 11, 2010 - By G4Sterling

This Week's New Releases -- Iron Man 2

You've undoubtedly heard the cliche that movie games are awful. You've undoubtedly experienced it in a moment of weakness and naivete. Well, Iron Man 2 isn't going to break the stereotype. According to reviewer Mike Thomsen, it's "a work of decent ambition and fumbling execution." But that's not all he's got to say. Peruse this nugget of truth and wisdom:

"The combat system is, likewise, well-conceived but joylessly executed. Iron Man’s attack powers are split between his left and right hands. You can assign two different weapon types to each side and change them on the fly by pressing the D-pad. Combat is built around a rough lock-on mechanic. In theory, it works like it would in most games: when locked onto an enemy, a translucent blue circle surrounds them and a green health meter is intertwined. The problem is that it’s impossible to hit a moving target with standard attacks, which renders it fairly useless, since lock-on mechanisms are designed to hit non-stationary enemies."

You know it's bad. But you know you want to discover why. Read here to find out more!

Review: Iron Man 2 Game "A Largely Joyless Experience"


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