Review: Skate 3 "Best Skating Game In Town Right Now"


Posted May 11, 2010 - By G4Sterling

Skate 3 Demo Out Today

In less than three years, Skate has come to dominate the skateboarding genre. Though the competition hasn't been ultra-fierce, EA Black Box keeps finding new ways to deliver bone-breaking thrills and some truly wow-worthy tricks. In Skate 3, the career trajectory continues, as you go from star skater to a household name...with a little help from your friends. According to Gerald Villoria, the search to sell the merch makes a big difference in Black Box's proven formula.

"Sell enough boards and you unlock goodies like new skaters and branded create-a-character merchandise. The rewards flow in steadily, providing plenty of incentive for you to stick to it for the long haul. You can log in plenty of solo hours working towards that capitalist dream, or you can accomplish tasks and sell boards by playing through the career mode cooperatively. Between accomplishing career challenges, free skating around Skate 3's carefully-built environments (Port Carverton is seemingly built of nothing but rails, ramps, and benches), and building your own skate parks, your team should always have plenty to do."

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Review: Skate 3 "Best Skating Game In Town Right Now"