New Assassin's Creed Teaser Site Sneaks Online


Posted May 11, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

New Assassin's Creed Teaser Site Sneaks Online

Ubisoft has already confirmed the existence of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, the next installment in their sci-fi parkour franchise. Last we’d heard, Ubisoft had said to expect more information this week, and based a new teaser site that’s popped up, looks like Ubisoft is making good on their word.

The site features a brief intro video in which series antagonist Dr. Warren Vidic delivers the following speech:

“The destiny of man lays in our grasp. We will lead their hearts and minds to absolute peace. Those who deny us fight for the wrong side of history and will not survive. Behold now the promise of victory in the visions of the animus. The future awaits. The Templars awaits.”


The site then transitions into an interactive gallery featuring a number of new weapons that will most likely appear in the new game, including a gnarly looking claw, a syringe and an axe. Solving the gallery’s puzzle (ironically) reveals a hidden weapon, the switch blade, and nets you the sweet wallpaper at the top of this post.

While Brotherhood will include some form of co-op play in which players can form their own roving band of assassins, the Vidic speech seems to indicate that there could also be some form of templar vs. assassin’s mode or option, kind of along the lines of the spies vs. mercs mode in the Splinter Cell series. Of course, that is purely speculation at this point, but perhaps we’ll find out more when the site’s countdown clock hits zero today. Obviously, you should check back here then to find out more.

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New Assassin's Creed Teaser Site Sneaks Online


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