Preview: iD Software's Rage


Posted May 4, 2010 - By Andrew Pfister


Traditionally, I await the arrival of a new iD game with 80% optimism and 20% skepticism. The 80% stems from John Carmack's ability to code an amazing graphical engine and thoroughly refined shooter mechanics. The other 20% is lingering doubt about their single-player game design thanks to Doom III (which was by no means bad, just a bit...stale). From the sounds of Abbie's new Rage preview, I may have to adjust that ratio to 90%/10%:

"Rage is certainly a distinct break from the corridor shooter one might expect from iD (though last year’s Wolfenstein began to play with open-world elements), and it already hints at more story than Quake, Doom and Wolfenstein combined. There is a massive body of fiction behind Rage and it’s hard to tell what’s more impressive: the technological advances that we expect from iD, or the massive feat of storytelling that’s traditionally absent in their games. Rage has absolutely made it onto my “most anticipated games” list."

For more, read the full preview.

Preview: iD Software's Rage


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