Super Mario Galaxy 2 To Come With Instructional DVD


Posted April 30, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Super Mario Galaxy 2 screenshot

Have you ever played a Mario game and thought, "This is just too complicated!" Me neither. But still, if you need a little extra help with Mario, Super Mario Galaxy 2 has you covered. The release of the box art for the European version of the game reveals that it comes with an instructional DVD to help noobs, newbs and n00bs play the game, as well as get a little insight into how his new suits work.

At first glance, this seems a little silly, but if the DVD is used to explain some of the more esoteric bits of Super Mario Galaxy 2's plot (Hopefully, chapters will include: "What are Starbits and why should I care? and "Luigi: Friend or Foe?") It would make sense. One of the few complaints I have about Super Mario Galaxy was the seemingly endless amount of instructional pop-up videos that you run across in the beginning chapters of the game.

Also: You can't play DVDs with your Wii, which makes this ironic.

Source: Cubed3

Super Mario Galaxy 2 To Come With Instructional DVD