Rockstar Shares Some Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Details


Posted April 30, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Screens Lasso My Heart

Rockstar Games has seen in their hearts to toss out a few new details scraps about the multiplayer portion of their impressive looking open-world western Red Dead Redemption. The details come via a short Q&A session on Rockstar’s blog.

Turns out there will be three types of aiming in the game: casual (full lock), normal (snap-to but no lock) and expert (no assist). In competitive multiplayer, you can select casual playlists that exclusively use the casual aiming system, and there will be also be hardcore and veteran playlists for players who prefer normal and expert aiming styles. Some playlists can be played using both normal and expert aiming (which kind of seems a bit unfair, but the harder the aiming difficulty, the more XP you’ll earn).

For those worried that having “only” 16 other players wandering around the multiplayer world at any one time isn’t enough, Rockstar has some reassuring words.

“Our goal is to ensure that Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer sits comfortably alongside the single-player game in terms of our own incredibly high standards of quality, production values and attention to detail…Trust that with 16 players all able to jump in and out of any aspect of this world at any time, Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer pushes the limits to the brink of what’s currently possible with open-world multiplayer on consoles.”

As in the single-player game, health will regenerate, and you can aim while in cover. Possess aren’t required in multiplayer, and they change each time you start a new game, but they will evidently help in Free Roam challenges.

Similar to his pre-Niko Bellic brethren, Red Dead Redemption star John Marston can’t swim, but he can wade in shallow water, so…that’s good…I guess. As expected, your horse will vault over obstacles, and you can jump at any time.

If you’ve watched the competitive multiplayer trailer released last week, then you saw the pre-game Mexican stand-off feature in action. At the start of every Team Game, all players will stand across from each other in two lines, and for Free For All games, players stand in a circle. Why would Rockstar feel compelled to throw in such an awesome feature?

“Throughout the development of the game, we were looking for as many classic Western moments to pack into the game as possible.  The concept of a Mexican stand-off, with gunfighters suspensefully poised, looking into the eyes of their killers seemed well suited to the game and also a great way to get acquainted with the players in a match before you set about trying to kill them.”

May 18. I won’t tell you again. Get over here!

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Rockstar Shares Some Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Details


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