Capcom Wants Frank West In As Many Games As Possible


Posted April 28, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

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Dead Rising's Frank West Added To Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Zombie-slaying photojournalist Frank West, the star of Capcom’s Dead Rising, has been popping up quite a bit lately, far beyond the plagued confines of Willamette, Colorado. He’s had cameos in Left 4 Dead 2’s DLC The Passing and will be a playable skin in Lost Planet 2, and there's a great chance he'll appear in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as well. Plus, I wouldn’t put it past Capcom to throw in at least some reference to West’s own zombie adventures in the upcoming Dead Rising 2.

In short, that’s a lot of Frank West. But, according to Capcom’s Seth Killian, the West lovefest is far from over.

“For better or for worse, (Capcom of) Japan has understood that 'the West' likes Frank,” Killian recently told Destructoid. “So maybe that's why he's called Frank West? I don't know...Rightly or wrongly (Capcom of) Japan is convinced that Joe Six pack here in America love God d*mn Frank West. He will be making appearances in as many games as they can get him into.”

I’m calling it now: Frank West to star in next Resident Evil. I already have the tagline: “He shoots to kill, and kills to shoot.” (Fun fact: Frank West also made a substantial appearance in my graduate thesis on the image of the journalist in video games. Man, does that guy get around, or what?!)

Source: Destructoid

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Capcom Wants Frank West In As Many Games As Possible


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