Review: Mirror's Edge iPad


Posted April 27, 2010 - By G4Sterling

Review: Mirror's Edge iPad

The iPad launch has brought plenty of games with it. While many have been criticized as overpriced versions of their iPhone counterparts, some titles have taken great advantage of a larger screen and a new medium. In between talking about his recently-acquired iPad, Patrick Klepek has been taking in gaming on Apple's new device. Among the first titles he played? Mirror's Edge. Here's a glimpse at what it's like:

"iPhone users will have an immediate familiarity with Mirror's Edge thanks to Canabalt, the gorgeous one-button post-apocalyptic indie platformer. Mirror's Edge is best described as a more complicated Canabalt, something that mostly works in the game's favor. More and more, depth masked in simplicity appears to be key in making a touch-only game work, in addition to distancing design from a reliance on traditional buttons, which tend to not work so well on the iPhone or iPad. The larger screen on the iPad does help make that less of an issue, however."

Another friend showed me Mirror's Edge on his iPad, and I was impressed. Want to know more (and read G4TV.com's first iPad review)? Click here to read!

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Review: Mirror's Edge iPad


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