Shadow of the Colossus Movie Still In The Works, Could Be In 3D?


Posted April 26, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Shadow of the Colossus Movie Still In The Works, Could Be In 3D?

In case you were wondering about the status of Sony’s movie adaptation of Team Ico’s critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus, here’s a brief update: it’s still in development.

At least, that’s what it would seem considering the adaptation was mentioned in a recent Los Angeles Times article about the present and future states of 3D movies. The film’s writer, Justin Marks ("Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" and the “former” "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" remake), was quoted as saying, “3D continues to speak to the elimination of the middle creatively…If you don't have an action tentpole that can conceivably be thought of in 3D, you may as well make small indie movies because the studios aren't going to be that interested."

IMDB lists the film as scheduled for release in 2012. So not only does it appear that the adaptation is still a go, but judging from Marks' comments (and Sony's unwavering love of all things 3D), it would appear that there’s a good chance it will be in 3D as well. If it were handled artfully, I could see 3D being particularly well suited for Shadow of the Colossus, given the sense of scope it would lend to looking up at a towering foe.

Still, I’d take a Guillermo del Toro directed 2D version well before a 3D version, but that’s just me. And if del Toro wanted to make it in 3D, then I’d be all for that too. (Or Sony can just ditch the movie entirely and just put out the Shadow of the Colossus/ICO remastered collection for the PlayStation 3 that I'm still convinced is being developed.)

What do you think about the prospect of a Shadow of the Colossus movie? In 3D?

Source: Los Angeles Times

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Shadow of the Colossus Movie Still In The Works, Could Be In 3D?