Blur Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed


Posted April 21, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Blur Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

For those of you out there planning to pick up Bizarre Creations’ Mario Kart-in-the-real-world racer Blur, you’ll be interested to know that several retailers are offering up some pre-order bonuses to entice your dollars away from their competitors.

GameStop is offering up a Day One Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit that includes:

  • A heavy, off-road powerhouse – the Ford Bronco in multiplayer. Shunt the competition in the next millennium!
  • Get the MotorMash game mode at Rank 1
  • Get Double Fans for the first five MotoMash Event, which increases your XP to unlock content sooner

Best Buy will give you the Dodge Viper ACR in multiplayer, while Hollywood Game Crazy is offering up double fans during the first three races (I’m assuming in multiplayer, but no mode is specified), which will let you rank up and unlock mods and cars twice as fast for during those races.

The multiplayer demo for the game is currently available on Xbox Live, and the full game will be out on PC, PlayStation 3 and 360 on May 25.

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Blur Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed


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