Paul W.S. Anderson Discusses 3D's Cinematic Impact, Use In Resident Evil


Posted April 21, 2010 - By pklepek

Like it or not, there's a 3D avalanche coming from Hollywood and it's bleeding over to other forms of media, including video games. At the 3D Gaming Summit in Los Angeles today, director Paul W.S. Anderson, known for adapting Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil to the silver screen, was one of the keynote speakers at the event and discussed his reactions to 3D so far.

"3D's a huge thrill," said Anderson, discussing the risks of becoming an early embracer of this new technology. "If you're the first to invest in something, that's more than outweighed by the sheer thrill that you get from seeing 3D images. I really feel like -- this has become a cliche -- [but] Avatar was a game changer. I think 3D really is going to change the game for everyone."

Anderson's next film, Resident Evil: Afterlife, will incorporate 3D into the movie. Anderson described how an otherwise simple scene, a crowd walking through a rainy Shibuya Square in Tokyo with umbrellas, was made more interesting because of the added 3D elements, despite their subtle nature.

"It's beautiful to look at," he said. "In 3D, it takes on a whole new feel of interest. Working with the third dimension just makes things more interesting. It really does."

The addition of 3D, Anderson argued, makes otherwise simple scenes "interesting" again. He relayed how audiences responded with loud cheering to Mortal Kombat's inclusion of then-new wire-fu fighting techniques, but these days, you need to have a million camera angles and 15 people fighting at once to maintain the interest of the audience. When 3D's added to the mix, that changes, he said. Resident Evil: Afterlife, for example, includes an otherwise simple maneuver of an actor flipping off a wall.

"It looks amazing in 3D," he said. "It makes the whole thing interesting once again."

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Paul W.S. Anderson Discusses 3D's Cinematic Impact, Use In Resident Evil


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