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Posted April 18, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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Gears of War 3

Hey, everyone. It's Sunday afternoon, the perfect day to sit back and reflect on the biggest gaming stories of the previous week and the most thought-provoking and interesting comments we received on our internet-blog-website this week.

On Monday, the community was talking about Activision (what else is new?) and the defection of even more Infinity Ward staff from the company. Commenter ScienceOfSleep summed up a lot of gamers' opinions with:

there are no good guys in this battle, and therefore we the gamers lose.

On Tuesday, we learned that Gears of War 3 is in development -- news that shouldn't have surprised anyone-- and we also learned that Epic's brutal shooter will feature female soldiers. Reade Mystyr_E asked:

oh lord, I'm all for playing as female soldiers but the ability to chop players in half...anyone anticipating an outcry from the female persuasion of violence against women?

The announcement of a new XCOM game this week caused alarm in many gamers. Why alarm instead of a healthy excitement? The XCOM is a first-person shooter, not a strategy game like its much-beloved source material, a decision that has many fans scratching their heads, including reader ZyloWolfBane who brings up a particularly pertinent point:

“Whenever they take a franchise and 'Change' it the series never retains what made it great in the first place...And whats worse is they think they are making the old fans happy while making new ones while in reality they turn off old fans for screwing up a good thing and alienate new players cause they don't know anything about the game's roots, nor would they be able to since its basically a new game at that point.”

The poor sales of "hardcore" Wii titles like Red Steel 2 has reader CollinE posting:

The truth is that you don't hear gamers complaining about lack of hardcore games on the Wii anymore because they already gave up on it. That's why "hardcore" games aren't going to sell. Nintendo waited until the complaints came rolling in before encouraging developers to begin the lengthy process of making a hardcore game, and no Wii developers realized that gamers aren't going to wait a couple years for deep experiences; they want it now.

To reward our best commenters (and to inspire more active participation in everyone else!) we'll be sending out swag t-shirts, either G4-branded or from JINX. So wear them with pride, and, until next week, keep commenting.

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Weekly Reacharound Review


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