Halo: Reach Beta Multiplayer Modes Detailed


Posted April 15, 2010 - By Andrew Pfister

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta To Feature

My good friend Thierry "Scooter" Nguyen over at 1UP (my former place of employment) filed a report on Halo: Reach's four new multiplayer modes that we'll be experiencing for ourselves in just a couple short weeks (May 3, to be precise). Here are the basics:


  • When you get whacked, you drop a skull on the playing field that can be collected. The objective is to collect and return the most amount of skulls.
  • If you're killed while carrying skulls, you drop 'em all and are a disappointment to your team.
  • But while you're carrying skulls, you can still use all of your weapons and abilities.


  • An amped-up version of Capture the Flag, the goal of Stockpile is to collect and return multiple flags that pop up in random areas on the map.
  • There are four flags that can appear randomly in around 10 different pre-set areas.
  • Every 60 seconds, points are scored for each flag currently in your scoring area (even if the enemy is carrying them).

Generator Defense

  • It's 3 Spartans facing off against 3 Elites in an attack & defend scenario. Elites are trying to destroy the three generators on the map, the Spartans are trying to prevent that.
  • There are two rounds of 5 minutes, with teams swapping roles at halftime.
  • At the beginning of the round, a weapon drop occurs that might include the Spartan Laser, Sniper Rifle, or Rocket Launcher. This will throw a wrench into your generator-defense/assault strategy, as both teams will assuredly want to have maximum armaments.


  • Not too many details on this mode yet, other than it's heavily vehicle-based, 6v6, and will be on a map larger than Halo 3's Sandtrap.

When you're done perusing TheFeed for the day, wander on over to 1UP and read Scooter's lengthy write-up. Tell him I sent you, and that you're sorry he still has to ride the 38-Geary to work every day. Also, be sure to come back soon, as there's a good chance we'll have some new Reach details as well...

Source: 1UP

Halo: Reach Beta Multiplayer Modes Detailed


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