Is Logan Lerman The New Spider-Man Or Not?


Posted April 12, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Is Logan Lerman The New Spider-Man Or Not?

Is Logan Lerman the new Spider-Man or not? If there was one rumor that dominated this past weekend, it definitely surrounded that question.

In the aftermath of the mass exodus of the creative minds and cast from the film that was supposed to be Spider-Man 4, the project officially went the reboot route, and the rumor mills began to churn regarding who would now don the mantle of Spidey. Among names in the mix earlier this year, such as Zac Efron and Angus T. Jones, was the Percy Jackson & The Olympians star, Lerman. However, that speculation died down as it was realized that the rumor was based on statements about Lerman simply "looking into" the role. (Which, really anyone could say.)

Now, we flash-forward to this past weekend, where HitFix's Drew McWeeny dropped a bombshell post on us:

"The search for the new "Spider-Man" appears to be over. HitFix has exclusively learned that Logan Lerman is first choice for Sony Pictures." Adding,  "A source close to the production tells HitFix Lerman is "almost 100% locked" but not in contract negotiations for the role yet."

It seemed like we had another "from out of nowhere," weekend bombshell like the recent news about Chris Evans landing the role of Captain America. However, it was not to be -- sort of.

Even if you were skeptical, the news had come from a reliable source and it was looking like the scales had at least tipped in Lerman's favor. Sites quickly followed suit and began to run with the notion of Lerman being the next Spidey as verified fact. However, late yesterday, Sony dumped a proverbial bucket of cold water on that idea when they issued an outright denial. According to Deadline, Sony insiders have not only denied the story, but were also sure "100%" that Lerman was not even on the list of candidates for the role! Ouch!

Oh, but wait...it's not over, yet! As much as it seems that Sony had gleefully thrown McWeeny under the bus, he's not going down without a fight. Besides claiming that they ignored his attempts for verification and ran the denial piece exclusively through a competing site, his update to the article stood by his source, adding:

"Sony's track record on "Spider-Man" story denials is important to keep in mind, however.  When development on "Spider-Man 4" was put on hiatus in December of last year, IESB broke the story, and Sony denied it completely.  Even when internal memos that explained the hiatus to department heads on the film circulated among film journalists, Sony continued to say there was no interruption in progress on the film.  Immediately afterwards, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire left the picture and the reboot was announced."

It's hard to deny the truth of that statement. The still-untitled Spider-Man reboot is set for a release of July 3, 2012 -- well over two years away. If there's one thing that's certain, is that film studios are not exactly thrilled with getting scooped this soon on news about a far-from-released film such as its star. Therefore, it could mean that, despite the emphatic denials, we shouldn't necessarily dismiss the idea that Lerman could be (or already is) the new Spidey.

Where does that leave us, then? Nowhere! In fact, if I were to speculate, even if it is Lerman, we probably won't get any kind of official notice until the far future, when this this little incident will have been long forgotten. (That is, unless Sony just can't keep the info quarantined any longer.)

Source: HitFix

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Is Logan Lerman The New Spider-Man Or Not?


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