Rumor: First Gears of War 3 Gameplay Details?


Posted April 8, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Gears of War 2

According to Edge-Online's unnamed source, the following new gameplay features will be added to the as-yet-unannounced sequel Gears of War 3.

  • Underwater missions.
  • Mech suits that can be used offensively and defensively
  • COG explosives that travel underground to take out enemy cover spots.
  • Locust enemies with tentacles that extend to player cover spots.

According to the rumor, all of the new wrinkles in the Gears of War universe will be available in both single and multiplayer modes.

The above story is simply rumor, so keep that in mind, but if seems like at least a realistic direction for the series to go. Ordinarily, I hate almost all underwater levels, but I have a feeling that if Gears 3 does have beneath-the-sea sections, Epic will have re-imagined how that sort of combat can work in a game, much like they did with above-water combat in the first two games. There are a lot of unexplored possibilities, no doubt. Plus, given how Gears 2 ended, with the sinking of the last human city, it makes sense.

Using computer technology and various Eastern fortune telling devices, TheFeed has concluded that this rumor is 70 percent likely to be true.

Source: Edge-Online

Rumor: First Gears of War 3 Gameplay Details?