iPhone OS 4.0 Coming This Summer, Includes Multitasking


Posted April 8, 2010 - By pklepek

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Apple has confirmed what we all suspected: multitasking is coming to the finally confirmed iPhone OS 4.0 upgrade. The upgrade itself won't be available for consumers until sometime this summer (Apple CEO Steve Jobs did not get more specific than that), but Apple claims their long-coming implementation of multitasking is "gonna be the best."

Jobs demonstrated multitasking on the iPhone, but it's expected for iPod Touch and iPad, too.

Essentially, when a user double clicks the home button, it pulls up a dock-like interface (very similar to what you'd see in a normal OS X session) that allows the user to swap between applications that are running. Jobs showed a user jumping from a URL in an e-mail to Safari, double clicking the home button, pulling up the apps that are running -- in this case Safari, Mail, ESPN and Tap Tap Revenge -- and simply clicking Mail to return to the e-mail account.

The company claims their solution to multitasking avoids the common issue with adding multitasking to device: sluggish performance of the device and a rapidly draining battery.

How much that claim holds up won't be known for a few months yet.

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iPhone OS 4.0 Coming This Summer, Includes Multitasking