Talkabouts: Our First iPad Gaming Impressions


Posted April 7, 2010 - By pklepek

If you've been following my Twitter, you know I spent last Saturday morning in a chilly line with other technophiles for Apple's latest piece of hardware, the iPad. Apple's iPad has resulted in a flurry of questions about what the actual point of the iPad is, when (or if?) does it become more useful than a laptop or iPhone, how do games perform on the larger touch screen, how much of a dope I am, etc.

In today's Morning Hangover, I outlined how an iPad was shaping and influencing my media and Internet use during an otherwise normal day dominated by my iPhone and MacBook Pro. In short, it's a device whose existence remains an open question, but it's undeniably cool, a peek at the future of modern computing and games, comics, books, videos and web sites look very, very cool on it.

Sterling McGarvey, who seems to be one of the many patiently waiting for a future edition of the iPad before diving in, sat down with me this week to talk about my iPad thoughts in the latest Talkabout.

Talkabouts: Our First iPad Gaming Impressions »

Talkabouts: Our First iPad Gaming Impressions