Mid-Day Discussion: Quickie iPad Impressions


Posted April 5, 2010 - By pklepek

The iPad

It's the Monday after a holiday, so my work day has been pretty hectic so far. Whenever I have a chance, I've been booting up my iPad and playing with Apple's latest touch-fueled device. I'll return with much deeper hands-on impressions of the iPad soon, but here are quick thoughts:

  • The landscape keyboard actually makes writing e-mails feasible, not a pain
  • Moving in and out of applications is so fast it almost makes lack of multi-tasking irrelevant
  • An iPad is, by far, the coolest way to spend a lazy Sunday on the couch
  • Games are fairly expensive, especially ones based on existing franchises, and rushed
  • The "oooh" moment from non-techies comes from flipping a book's page with your finger
  • I shouldn't have woken up at 4am, as the iPad didn't sell out and I could have slept in
  • Dear Time, no one is going to pay for and download a brand-new Time app every week

If you have any other questions, I'll be watching the comments! Plenty more coverage soon.

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Mid-Day Discussion: Quickie iPad Impressions