Rumor Mill: Is The PSP 2 Coming Soon?


Posted April 2, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson


The internet rumor mill is swirling with speculation that the still-announced PlayStation Portable 2 may be coming sooner as opposed to later. Officially, the PSP 2 doesn't exist, but there are tantalizing traces of the handheld-of-the-future on the internet, including the speculation that the device will double as a phone, and rumor that the device will be here sooner, rather than later.

Here's some of the evidence:

  • A couple of online resumes that mention the PSP 2.
  • Podcasters mentioning the PSP 2 in connection with E3.
  • Well-known analysts predicting the device will be shown at E3.
  • Common sense, which tells us that E3 is the time to announce big hardware initiative.

Like most internet-style-rumors, this is a pretty slim case for the PSP 2 coming soon, so take it with a grain of Mega-Salt(tm) -- those resume references to the device could have been references to the PSP Go, a fact that AtomFire Productions Director Dominic Mason confirmed. But still, an E3 launch wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility, and it might be just the thing Sony needs to get back into the handheld space. Besides, when has a lack of tangible evidence ever prevented anyone on the internet from speculation/bloviation? That's what comment sections are for, man. Please use ours.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

Rumor Mill: Is The PSP 2 Coming Soon?