Bigfoot Hunt Update: Hollywood Wants The Movie Rights!


Posted April 1, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Bigfoot Hunt Update

As you are no doubt aware, we have given up writing about video games to pursue Bigfoot.

We knew our expedition would get a lot of attention when we found Bigfoot, but we had no idea that the hunt itself would get so much positve press. Our iPhones have been ringing off the hook since we crossed the state line into Washington, and it's not just collection agencies, either. We're getting serious offers from important Hollywood film companies who want to purchase the movie rights to our exciting adventures and make them into a big budget action movie starring Paul Giamatti and Sandra Bullock. This is our ticket to the big time.

Our new glamorous life is fun and all, but I have to wonder if it fame is really all its cracked up to be. Jake Gaskill and I are no longer speaking -- he doesn't care about artistic integrity and I don't need friends like that.  Patrick Klepek just spent $18,000 on five new Rolexes because he thought he could play Cave Story on them. Sterling McGarvey wants to direct, even though Dreamworks has Spielberg attached, and Andrew Pfister is doing crank again.

Now it's all money, and drugs and women. I remember when it used to be about the Bigfoot, man.

Check out the awesome spec posters for the movie. If we could settle on a title, the deal should come together. It says in the contract that if we don't actually find Bigfoot, we have to pay the movie company fees and penalties.

I think it's a really good deal for us.

Bigfoot Hunt Update


Bigfoot Hunt Update


Bigfoot Hunt Update

Bigfoot Hunt Update: Hollywood Wants The Movie Rights!


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