Feedback -- We're Back From PAX East Edition, Plus Halo: Reach Talk


Posted March 31, 2010 - By pklepek

You might notice there's someone different sitting in the hosting chair this week on Feedback. Adam Sessler's wandering the world in a fever dream (he mentioned something about a Yeti), so I was asked to step in and take control of Feedback. I apologize in advance, but I managed to convince Andrew Pfister, Matt Keil and Abbie Heppe to join me in the Feedback studio, too. They made my job easier. 

Feedback -- We're Back From PAX East Edition, Plus Halo: Reach Talk »

 On this week's episode of Feedback...

  • All four of us attended PAX East in Boston over the weekend and even though it was an exhausting, cross-country experience, we had a fantastic time meeting with G4's great fans.
  • In addition to exploring bars near PAX East, we had a chance to look at and play a bunch of games at the event, too. Matt and Abbie go in-depth on the promising online shooter Breach.
  • Sony announced it decided to pass on the Project Natal technology for PlayStation Move and Bungie revealed their ambitious Player Investment system for the upcoming Halo: Reach.
  • Abbie's family shows up. Seriously.
  • A reader asks us to ponder what tends to drive Adam absolutely insane: 3D gaming.

Feedback, a podcast that gets way too excited about the prospect of going to the Cheers bar.

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Feedback -- We're Back From PAX East Edition, Plus Halo: Reach Talk


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