PAX East 2010 Preview: Crackdown 2


Posted March 26, 2010 - By G4Sterling

Crackdown 2 Release Date Announced, First Developer Diary Released

Who isn't excited for Crackdown 2? Oh, there's some of you out there. But you're outnumbered. After reading Andrew Pfister's impressions of his first dive into the Rocket Tag multiplayer mode on the PAX East 2010 floor against a group of ass-kicking gamers, I'm ready to believe, especially in light of nuggets like this:

"Rocket Tag is fairly simple, as it should be: everyone playing is armed with a rocket launcher, and there’s a single gold-glowing orb on the map. The agent who maintains possession of the orb generates points; attackers are granted points for inflicting damage against the orb carrier. Most points at the end of the round decides the winner. There’s a bit more strategy to it than that, as you’ll want to aim your blast radius not only at the orb carrier, but also your fellow chasers in an effort to deny them the ability to get the orb or score damage points themselves. Scattered about the map are glowing blue zones that, when touched, will launch you across the environment – this is how you’ll either get away from threats or get closer to your target in a rapid manner."

Sounds like just the chaos I've been looking for! Read on for more of Andrew's on-the-floor impressions from Boston!

PAX East 2010 Preview: Crackdown 2


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