Feedback -- God Of War III And Nintendo 3DS Edition


Posted March 24, 2010 - By pklepek

We desperately wanted to talk about God of War III on last week's episode of Feedback, but the Game Developers Conference prevented some us from, uh, progressing very far past the title screen. Adam Sessler, Abbie Heppe, Matt Keil and I all managed to finish God of War III before heading into the studio to record this week's episode of Feedback, however, which means it quickly turned into an all-out spoilercast, discussing the game's ups and downs from the inside out.

As such, this week's Feedback comes with a word of caution: in-depth God of War III spoilers abound! If you haven't finished God of War III, be very mindful when we start that discussion up.

Feedback -- God of War III And Nintendo 3DS Edition »

Elsewhere in this week's Feedback...

  • Nintendo surprised all of us by announcing the Nintendo 3DS, a 3D-enabled version of their dual-screened handheld that apparently won't require glasses. Speculation drive, engage!
  • We spend a whole heck of a lot of time talking about Sony Santa Monica's God of War III and whether Kratos and players found what they were looking for by the time the credits rolled.
  • Our reader question of the week also probes into God of War III, asking us to consider what it's like when characters take unexpected turns, sometimes against the desire of the player.

Feedback, trying desperately to stop swearing in front of a camera since the times of Zeus.

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Feedback -- God Of War III And Nintendo 3DS Edition


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