Video Game Cheater Stabbed In Head


Posted March 23, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Brain Training Now The Most Popular Game Of All Time in the UKIf you ever find yourself in China, playing Counter-Strike at an internet café, do not cheat. A 17-year old gamer in Jilin learned this lesson the hard way recently, when he was stabbed in the head by a group of other gamers for using a wall-hack.

Doctors saved the kids life after 10 hours of surgery, and they say he won't have a loss of motor function, but honestly, I don't see how  a person could go through that and not be changed. The guy had a rusty, 10-inch knife shoved into his brain -- that's not something you shake off easily.

The gang who stabbed him apparently fled the scene, but I have faith that the Chinese police will find them, and I imagine they will be dealt with harshly. China is not a place to go around committing crimes.

The stabbing may reflect poorly on the owner of the internet café as well. Those cafés are regulated heavily in China, and apparently shouldn't have allowed the under aged cheater in the door to begin with. Games and gamers are scapegoated pretty heavily in China, so you have to figure this will be used as a means to cast further aspersions on the hobby.

I'm against cheating, but this is ridiculous. The worst I would have done was called the guy a d*ck and found another place to play games!

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Source: sankaku complex

Video Game Cheater Stabbed In Head


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