New Left 4 Dead DLC Will Have A Major Plot Twist


Posted March 22, 2010 - By Eric Eckstein

Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing

If you've been trying to stay pure in regards to the upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC expansions, you may want to bounce to another topic. As you know, there are two DLC packs on the way, The Passing for Left 4 Dead 2 and one for the original Left 4 Dead  which explains what has happened to lead to The Passing. There will also be a comic book which will act as a bridge for both stories. This is probably where you want to leave if you want to remain spoiler-free.

We already knew that The Passing was to include the original survivors from Left 4 Dead, but what we didn't know until now is that, you will only encounter three of them. ZOINKS! Valve's Chet Faliszek dropped that bombshell on GameTrailers, along with sharing the tagline for the The Passing poster: Nobody Survives Forever. In The Passing, we will meet up with the ex-foursome after one of their members has...err...passed.

We don't know whether Bill, Francis, Louis or Zoey make the cut, but the still untitled Left 4 Dead DLC will allow fans to play out the tragic end of one of our favorites. While the comic book explains the "idealized version of how it works out," according to Faliszek, it's unclear whether or not this actually is a choice for a specific character in-game. If the content is to be featured in L4D2, it seems as if it would be pre-determined. Either way, huge news for L4D fans and hopefully, we'll be able to see this in action soon. For more, check out our preview of The Passing.

Source: GameTrailers.

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New Left 4 Dead DLC Will Have A Major Plot Twist


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