Two Ubisoft Titles Rejected From Steam UK, "Nothing To Do With DRM"


Posted March 19, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

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Two Ubisoft Titles Removed From Steam UK, UPDATE: 12:55PM PST: A sharp-eyed reader has just informed me that Assassin's Creed II (and Silent Hunter 5, it turns out) were not in fact ever released on Steam in the UK, making the whole removal thing a bit tricky. Thanks Gaff!

The Ubisoft DRM drama sort of continues today as it’s been reported that Assassin’s Creed II and Silent Hunter 5 have both been pulled not been released on Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam in the UK.

Ubisoft explained the rejection to CVG, saying, "The games listed are available for sale in all other countries on Steam. The fact they are not available on Steam UK has nothing to do with the DRM - but is linked to a local business discussion between Ubisoft and Steam in UK.”

An industry insider told CVG that they believed the rejection from Steam was directly related to the high-profile DRM issues Ubisoft has been dealing with for the past few months. However, considering both games are currently still available in other regions, it would appear that the action has little to do with the continued frustration on the part of PC gamers who have had to deal with the issues surrounding the DRM restriction that requires a constant internet connection in order to play the games. I'm not sure what a "local business discussion" refers to, but I buy it.

Source: CVG

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Two Ubisoft Titles Rejected From Steam UK, "Nothing To Do With DRM"


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