ANOTHER Star Wars Animated Series In The Works?


Posted March 18, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

ANOTHER Star Wars Animated Series In The Works?

It seems that the Star Wars gravy train will keep on chugging with yet another TV series. While the currently-running all-CGI epic, The Clone Wars is actually doing a somewhat good job at legitimizing the canon of the prequel films to irate purists, don't expect this next series to make any inroads on that powder-keg diplomatic process. This one's going to be strictly FOR KIDS. And not just kids, but Pre-Schoolers and Kindergartners.

According to IESB, the series, which is already in pre-production, will apparently be inspired from the existing line of Star Wars figures called Galactic Heroes. You may have seen them hanging in the toy aisles next to the REAL Star Wars figures as the impish, cartoonish-looking figures that come in packs of two. However, the working title for the show is said to be "Squishies." (Maybe my mind is hopelessly in the gutter, but that sounds very provocative.) 

As of now, Lucasfilm is searching for a director to give the "Squishies" some solidity. However, there are no details on the exact form and method in which the show will air. Now, if I were to speculate, I would say that DVD sales may be a leading motivation. The "impulse buy to silence screaming rugrats" marketing strategy has been the bread and butter of Disney for decades, so why wouldn't it work for Lucas? I can already see the copies placed strategically by the register at the Wal-Mart checkout.

That leaves us with an imortant question: What era of the Star Wars mythology will be covered?

Will it be the Prequel/Clone Wars? The Original Trilogy? The post OT "Expanded Universe?" Or will it be the "Old Republic" universe established in the KOTOR video games and comic series? Regardless, it will probably matter very little considering that its key demographic wet themselves regularly and consume healthy doses of Chinese lead from their toys.

As a fan, it's pointless to complain about the brand being tainted by blatant demographic marketing projects. Technically, that bus left town the moment the first Ewok stepped on screen in Return of the Jedi. In fact, at this point, it's almost cliche to even point out that there's nothing left to say. (And I did it anyway, but was ironic about it, which makes me cooler than you.) Instead, I will say only this: One of the key attributes of the Original Trilogy, was its broad appeal to both children AND adults. The same films that entertained me as a child are still amazing to watch and became only deeper as I got older and understood the subtext and drama. Why is it so hard to get back to THAT? /soapbox

Source: IESB

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ANOTHER Star Wars Animated Series In The Works?


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