Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Review


Posted March 16, 2010 - By G4Sterling

Dragon Age Origins Awakening

Dragon Age: Origins is among the most critically acclaimed role playing games of recent memory, and BioWare has much more in store for the game. How much? Today marks the release date of Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, a monolithic expansion pack that raises the level cap and lets you either transfer your current Dragon Age character over to the new content, or start out rolling a level 18 Grey Warden. Russ Fischer dove into the joys of Greyspawn-slaying, offering this insight:

"Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening picks up after the final events of Dragon Age: Origins, and allows players to return to Ferelden to play through a chunk of high-level dungeon crawling. As in the original game, Awakening blends realistically-written characters and action, but this time goes more heavy on the action.

Not long after Dragon Age released, a small downloadable expansion was made available for players to get a small extra dose of adventure. That DLC, "Return to Ostagar," was a bit short and rather unsatisfying. Awakening is the first major expansion for the game, and presents players with far more story and action, and much more satisfaction."

If you're as interested in wading in the blood of Darkspawn, don't hesitate to click here and read the rest of the review!

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Review