Bit.Trip Developer Teases "Too Awesome" Series Ending, Proposes Bit.Trip RPG


Posted March 15, 2010 - By pklepek

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Bit.Trip Runner

Shame on you, gamers, if you haven't played anything in the consistently-excellent Bit.Trip series from Gaijin Games on WiiWare. Considering how difficult it's been for WiiWare games to garner notable word-of-mouth, however, I don't really blame you. That won't stop me from shamelessly recommending that you keep your eyes on Bit.Trip.Runner, which I had a chance to play at GDC last week, and pass on some bits from my time with Gaijin Games' energetic CEO and designer Alex Neuse.

I asked Neuse whether he'd planned out all six games proposed in the Bit.Trip series from day one (he did) and whether the ending for the series (Bit.Trip.Runner is game four) is already in his head.

"Oh yeah," said Neuse, smiling. "I'm not telling you that. It's too awesome. It's gonna be so rad."

We have two games to go until the Bit.Trip series, at least in its currently imagined form, has run its course. Bit.Trip could live on past the sixth game, but Commander Video probably won't.

"This story has an end," he said, "this Commander Video story. The Bit.Trip world, though, I think is pretty cool. There's something about it that I really like. The Gaijin Games crew, as we are right now, is gonna be to be done working on Bit.Trip games after game 6. I know that already."

It's obvious Neuse is hoping he can hire a second team to continue producing Bit.Trip games.

"If we got another team to work on something else," he said, getting hypothetical on me, "I fantasize about a DS RPG in the Bit.Trip world, where you could come up with all these crazy characters. We're introducing all these crazy characters that we could use in other worlds."

He's worried about letting his own desires hurt the franchise he loves, however.

"I don't want to milk it dry so [gamers think] it's 'just another Bit.Trip game,'" he said.

I'd buy that RPG, though. Look at the excitement for 3D Dot Game Heroes. How about you?

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Bit.Trip Developer Teases "Too Awesome" Series Ending, Proposes Bit.Trip RPG


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