Nugget From The Net: Hilarious Chat Roulette Piano Player; Is This Ben Folds?


Posted March 15, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

This is totally unrelated to video games, so if you're a purist, stop reading now. Anyway, the YouTube video you see below has been burning up the YouTubes for at least the last couple of days; it's funny and creative, and I wanted to share. In it, a piano player improvises funny musical numbers about strangers on Chat Roulette.

(NSFW: There are no Roulette-dongs(tm), but there is a little profanity.)

We think this may be Ben Folds in a clever disquise. Here's the evidence:

  • He sings like Ben Folds.
  • He plays piano like Ben Folds.
  • He looks like Ben Folds. (see photo below)

Ben Folds

So what's the verdict? Is this Ben Folds or a faux-Folds? Either way, take note, The Internets, this is how you should be doing things.

Nugget From The Net: Hilarious Chat Roulette Piano Player; Is This Ben Folds?


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