Split/Second GDC 2010 Interview

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Posted March 15, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

I have been infatuated with Disney Interactive’s ridiculously over-the-top action racing title Split/Second since last year’s E3, and as a fan of Criterion Games’ Burnout franchise, there is little wonder why. But Black Rock Studio is looking to deliver something spectacular and unique with their racer, and a lot of the credit can be traced back to the longevity of the project.

“It’s been kicking around the studio for a few years now; from back in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox days,” Black Rock studio ambassador Jay Green told G4 during GDC 2010. “We thought it’d be good to start mixing up a kind of action racing game where the track was dynamic and the player could control the track and change the track. We never got the opportunity to put the idea into practice, and then when Disney acquired our studio, and we rebranded as Black Rock, the first thing we wanted to do was Pure. And we got a concept team together busy looking at making Split/Second a reality."

Over three years of development later, and Split/Second is nearly here. And that’s a very good thing. Green offers plenty more insights into the game’s development in the following video interview:

GDC 2010: Split/Second Interview »

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Split/Second GDC 2010 Interview