GDC 2010: Sony Motion Controller Officially Called PlayStation Move


Posted March 10, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

GDC 2010: Sony Motion Controller Officially Called PlayStation Move

Updated 4:20 PM: Sony just revealed that the PlayStation Move will be available in a variety of packages. The only price point Sony is sharing at this time is the PlayStation Move Starter Kit, which will include the motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a game, all for under $100. The controller will also be sold individually, and there will also be a bundle that will include everything in the starter bundle plus a PS3 console.

Check out the video announcement from the GDC 2010 Press Conference.

Sony Debuts PlayStation Move at GDC 2010 »

Original story follows:

Finally, Sony’s PlayStation 3 motion controller has an official name: PlayStation Move.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's senior vice president of product development, made the official announcement today during Sony's Game Developers Conference press conference in San Francisco.

Since Sony first unveiled the motion controller and camera combo at E3 2009, the company has kept the project relatively close to the vest, only showing it off on a handful of occasions at industry events, and remaining absolutely silent on what the final product would end up being named.

During Tokyo Game Show 2009, the name rumor train started rolling when quotes emerged in which developers referred to the motion controller as "Sphere." Then "Gem" started making the rounds after EA CEO John Riccitiello referred to it as such during a meeting with industry analysts. Sony quickly shot down "Gem," explaining that it was an "early codename" for the device. However, the name popped up again a few weeks back at DICE 2010 when Disney Interactive media group president Stephen Wadsworth used "Gem" during his keynote presentation while discussing the upcoming motion control technologies from Microsoft and Sony.

The "PlayStation Arc" burst onto the scene, and quickly gained momentum after a domain name application surfaced, which showed the Sony had purchased "PlayStationArc.com" in October of 2009. It wasn’t long before stories started popping up in which developers were quoted using the term "Arc" in reference to the motion controller. The most recent appearance of "Arc" came when THQ's president and CEO Brian Farrell used the term during an investor call last month. However, Sony, once again, stepped in to make clear that “Arc,” like "Gem" and “Sphere” were merely codenames for the device.

And wouldn’t you know it, Sony was telling the truth, and now PlayStation Move has arrived.

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GDC 2010: Sony Motion Controller Officially Called PlayStation Move