Five Things You'll Love About Final Fantasy XIII


Posted March 10, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Final Fantasy XIII

On Monday, I posted a list of five things you'll totally hate about Final Fantasy XIII. They were:

1) No towns
2) It’s very linear
3) No mini-games
4) Little equipment
5) It’s on the 360

At the risk of being accused of constant negativity, allow me, please, to present a list of five things you'll love about Final Fantasy XIII.

1)  It’s beautiful: This game is perfect for high-definition, big honkin' TVs. It's a feast for the eyes, no matter which system you buy it for. Check out our side-by-side comparison video for info.

2) It’s very streamlined: There’s no doubling back to places you’ve already been (mostly). If you just want to continue through the game without grinding, you can do that. It's the flipside of the coin from the "linear" complaint above. So, it depends on your taste.

Final Fantasy XIII

3) The Battle system: it's very quick. Some battles take maybe a minute to go through. Fighting involves constantly flipping through paradigms and changing things around--you, know, fun.  No waiting.

4) The game is very forgiving: If you die in battle, you’ll end up exactly where you were before you started the battle, so you can mix up your party, try it again or just avoid it all together. 

5)  It’s on the 360: If you favor Microsoft's platform and JRPGs, this might be the game's best feature!

Final Fantasy XIII

Now that the game's been out for a full day, let us know what you love and hate about it in our comment section.

Five Things You'll Love About Final Fantasy XIII