GDC 2010 Reveals Super Meat Boy Has Been Killed 400 Million Times


Posted March 10, 2010 - By pklepek

GDC 2010 Reveals Super Meat Boy Has Been Killed 400 Million Times

One of the most impressive Independent Games Festival finalists at Game Developers Conference is Super Meat Boy, a 2D platformer from none other than the aptly-titled Team Meat. A hilarious Super Meat Boy comic was bundled with a bag of goodies handed out to most GDC 2010 attendees and it included a line that made me laugh out loud -- a reference to how many times players have killed Meat Boy in the original flash version of the game that's become Super Meat Boy.

So, just how many times have gamers killed Super Meat Boy? 400 million times.

Iif you haven't played the original Meat Boy, that number might sound absolutely insane, but Meat Boy is a hardcore platformer that's encouraging you to die. You die in Super Meat Boy in order to learn the right path through the level, so when the flash version of the game's been played 10 million times, 400 million deaths sounds about right.

It's also possible that Team Meat completely made that number up and I look like a jerk now.

Super Meat Boy will be released later this year on Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and PC.

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GDC 2010 Reveals Super Meat Boy Has Been Killed 400 Million Times


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