Answers We Want From The Next Episode Of Lost: "Dr. Linus"


Posted March 9, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Answers We Want From The Next Episode Of Lost:

If there's any constants throughout the entertainment world, it's that the even-numbered Star Trek films were better than their odd counterparts, and that Ben-centric episodes of Lost tend to RULE. Tonight, we're hoping history will repeat itself, as we shift focus from Smokey's massive ownage of the Others last week, to finally getting some insight towards the status of the island's defrocked leader.

I'll be riding solo on behalf of TheFeed for tonight's preview.

"They tried to save you, but...you were dead, man -- for two hours. Trust me, when you sat up, they were just as surprised as the rest of us. So whatever brought you back, it wasn't them." -Miles

Sayid's miraculous resurrection is an ongoing mystery. Who or what is responsible? A prevailing theory has been the Man in Black. However, MIB seemed to need the Nadia bargaining chip to gain Sayid's favor. If it was him, he could have just told him, "I brought you back to life, while these guys just tortured you. So, help me!" Might that kill this safe-held assumption? Or does it enforce it?

Answers We Want From The Next Episode Of Lost:

"The only thing that I ever wanted died in my arms and I'll never see it again." -Sayid
"What if you could?" -Smokey

It became abundantly clear last week, that MIB is the proverbial dealer of false hopes to the island's tragedy junkies. He clearly lied to Claire about Aaron being held by The Others, and now this latest Faustian bargain almost makes us think that Sayid's next move is to slaughter Jedi younglings and force-choke Natalie Portman. (Sayid! You're breaking her heart!) The carrot that is a resurrected Nadia is now dangling on a stick prominently over the stubborn donkey that is Sayid.

"He told me that he could save my son's life, but I would have to come here to this island where I would have a new job, but I could never see my boy again." -Dogen

MIB seems to offer deals that are too good to be true, under false pretenses. However, behind the boyish smile, Jacob demands hardcore sacrifices. I'm not sure if the whole "I'll bring your son back only if you do stuff for me" dynamic taints the perception of Jacob being "the good one," but it definitely highlights some unsavory traits that he may share with Smokey. Since dying clearly identifies Jacob as mortal, they're both definitely not Gods in the conventional sense. However, they do seem to have a unique perception of the intricacies of time and space. Perhaps, as evidenced by seeing Dogen and his son together in Lighthouse the other week, the creation of the flash-sideways world is the way in which Jacob honors his bargains in giving everyone what they want (or think they want.)


That's what happened. Here's what we hope goes down tonight:Answers We Want From The Next Episode Of Lost:

1. Tonight, I think Ben is going to find his renewed purpose. He's got to have something to propel him to the finish line of the finale. Will it be revenge or redemption?

Whatever it is, I'm thinking that the truth about the circumstances behind Jacob's death will be the catalyst. It cannot possibly stay secret for long, as the infamous "rules" which prevented MIB from killing Jacob had to be known by Ilana and the Ajira-Others. It's been a while since Ben took one of his signature savage beatings and I'm thinking he's due for one. 

2. The preview seems to imply that Ben (or whoever is "the man who brought death to so many") might die tonight. Whether it's Ben or Sayid, it's clearly going to be someone major. We're only on the 6th episode. If this season is being paced like last year, then we haven't even scratched the surface yet. In fact, at this point last year, we were resolving Oceanic 6 drama, and the left-behinders were still time-flashing. We hadn't even reached the critical season-defining episode, LaFleur. Point being: I think we're heading for a game-changer very soon.

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Answers We Want From The Next Episode Of Lost: "Dr. Linus"


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