Feedback -- Fall of Duty And The Day The PlayStation Stood Still


Posted March 3, 2010 - By Andrew Pfister

Near the end of Apollo 13, Tom Hanks (as Cmdr. Jim Lovell) was describing the events that lead to the accidental explosion aboard the Odyssey service module on the ill-fated 1970 mission to the moon. "It was a minor defect that occurred two years before I was even named the flight's commander," he explained. I imagine that's what it must have been like for Sony on late Sunday afternoon when thousands of PlayStation 3's decided to take a 24-hour break in observance of a non-existent leap year, programmed into the system without anybody seeming to notice.

There was a slim chance that the situation could develop into a full-fledged fiasco, and it inadvertantly pointed out the potential dangers of surrendering control of your purchased games to a central authority. 

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Then late on Monady night, things just got crazy over at Infinity Ward. But you've already read a lot about that. This week's edition of Feedback tackles both of these topics with Adam, Patrick, Abbie, Sterling, and myself rounding out the table. And to cap it off, we threw in our reactions to yesterday's new Metroid: Other M trailer. Spoiler: I hate it. But I have yet to determine if the hatred is rational or irrational.

(We're not usually negative people, I swear.)

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Feedback -- Fall of Duty And The Day The PlayStation Stood Still