Heavy Rain Movie Rights Purchased


Posted March 1, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

British Classification Board Gives Heavy Rain 15 Rating

According to documents unearthed by Superannuation, movie production company New Line Cinema has purchased the film rights to Quantic Dreams' PlayStation 3 drama/game Heavy Rain. Apparently, there is dearth of scripts in which enraged fathers and the police try to stop a shifty serial  killer before he claims another victim, so New Line snapped up the rights.

Anyway, there's not a whole lot to tell about the deal. It's a short-form option, the exact terms of which are forthcoming. As yet, there is no writer attached, let alone any actors or a director. Heavy Rain: The Movie is currently a pipe dream in the head of the development people at New Line Cinema.

I hate to be cynical (okay, I don't actually hate to be cynical) but if I had to make a bet with you (and I totally will), I'd wager that there won't ever be a Heavy Rain movie. It's not that I think such a movie wouldn't be good -- in fact, Heavy Rain, as a game, is a better movie than most of the dross from Hollywood  -- it's just that, in general, "it'll never get made!" is a safe-bet when it comes to Hollywood flicks.

It's a little counter-intuitive, but many, many people in the film-making business make a lot of money by not making movies. If you're a development guy at a film company, you probably make a good salary, and have nice office with a certain amount of respect and perks. It's probably a good gig you'd want to hold onto as long as possible, and the quickest way to be replaced by some other Hollywood type is to lose money for your company by investing in a film that tanks. So, why wouldn't you try to prevent that happening by never putting yourself in a position to take a risk? Why not just drag out the development process for as long as possible while sending the intern out for a latte?

Just how risky is Heavy Rain: The Movie? I think it depends. In a way, it's got a lot going for it: A name (some) people recognized, a demonstrably working set of characters and plot. But in another way, it's pretty risky. As much as I liked the game, I doubt Heavy Rain will penetrate the consciousness of the nation and world like Halo has, and they've been talking about that movie for years, yet it's not coming to a "theater near you" this summer... or next.

What do you think? Is Heavy Rain good fodder for a movie? Would you pay 12 bucks to see it?

Source: Destructoid

Heavy Rain Movie Rights Purchased


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