Capcom Believes A Brand-New, 16-Bit Looking Mega Man Is A "Great Idea"


Posted February 25, 2010 - By pklepek

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I have no complaints about both Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 sticking to the 8-bit formula established in the early Mega Man games, but like many others, I can't help but wonder what the blue bomber would look like with a fancy 16-bit coat of paint. Capcom thinks it's a good idea, too.

"Reviving the 16 bit game style in the series seems like a great idea," explained series creator Keiji Inafune on the Capcom Unity blog, as Mega Man 10's release looms on every digital platform. "We certainly would like to consider trying it out in future when there’s a chance."

The reason Capcom choose to side with 8-bit for Mega Man 10, however, was due to fans.

"One of the biggest reasons for going with the 8bit style was the success with Mega Man 9," he said. "MM9 succeeded beyond our wildest expectation. We had initially thought of bringing back to the series the feel of the NES to create a sense of nostalgia with MM9. Receiving the great reaction from the fans over it, we decided to establish the style as the game genre for Mega Man."

Sounds like if Mega Man 10 is a success we'll continue to see the 8-bit visuals pave the road for future Mega Man games, but if that starts to run out of steam, Capcom has some options.

Source: Capcom Unity

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Capcom Believes A Brand-New, 16-Bit Looking Mega Man Is A "Great Idea"


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