Morning Hangover: Tell Me Your Favorite DICE 2010 Panel And I'll Tell You Mine


Posted February 24, 2010 - By pklepek

DICE 2010

We had a small but very hardworking crew at DICE last week in Las Vegas. Andrew Pfister, Adam Sessler, myself and some key behind-the-scenes personell helped make everything possible in collaboration with the kind folks at DICE. With that behind us, what was your favorite panel?

As mentioned on Feedback, I couldn't help but marvel at the science panels at DICE 2010. No doubt part of that is being three years out of college and remembering what it's like to sit in a classroom atmosphere again (it almost made me miss it). Many of those presentations were only tangentially related to video games, but by the end, gave you a better understanding of what makes them tick.

In terms of games, the short-but-sweet speech by Activision CEO Bobby Kotick had me furiously tapping at my keyboard. You couldn't help but feel sympathy for the guy by the end, but as he's apologizing to Harmonix for dividing the music games business and shutting down RedOctane at the same time, it feels...disingenuous. It's hard to tell how much more we really got to know about the man steering the ship at the biggest game publisher right now. It was fascinating, nonetheless.

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Morning Hangover: Tell Me Your Favorite DICE 2010 Panel And I'll Tell You Mine


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