Republicans Attracting The Youth Vote With Games


Posted February 18, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Republicans Luring Kids With Games!?

Alert the media! (oh, wait, I am the media.) The Republican party is using video games to tantalize and lure young people!

According to a report from completely objective news organization Fox News, The Conservative Political Action Conference being held this week will feature the XPAC Lounge, a "hub of fun" stacked with Xboxes and Wiis, junk food, foosball and hippity-hoppity music, all designed to dazzle the youth by making Conservatism "fun," "rad," and/or "totally in your face."

"We're gonna have the most popular games. There'll be Guitar Hero. There'll be Dance Revolution. There'll be Call of Duty," said Kevin McCullough, a radio host who created the XPAC Lounge with actor Stephen Baldwin.

Once you're tired of playing games, the XPAC Lounge will host a late-night "rap/jam session" on Thursday and a conservative comedy lineup on Friday. Basically, the lounge gives younger members of the cause a place to go when the older conservatives are attending $1000 a plate dinners. It only costs $20 for a three day pass!

The Republican party, as a rule, doesn't appeal to young voters -- look at the dismal result for McCain in the last election. But young people don't generally vote, so it works out even. Do you think the GOP using games and snacks is a viable way of creating interest among young people? Or is it the core values of the party that keep most young people from signing up for the Republican cause? 

Update: it bears mentioning that XPAC Lounge organizer Kevin McCullough appears to be the same guy who, a few years ago, wrote a column claiming Mass Effect contains "the most realistic sex acts ever conceived," and that players can "hump in every form, format, multiple, gender-oriented possibility they can think of" and that "Mass Effect can be customized to sodomize whatever, whoever, however, the game player wishes...With it's "over the net" capabilities virtual orgasmic rape is just the push of a button away."  So the guy knows games!

Source: Fox News

Republicans Attracting The Youth Vote With Games


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