Midday Discussion: What's With Curling, Anyway?


Posted February 16, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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It's the Winter Olympics, in case you hadn't noticed, and that means one thing: Curling! G4's offices have caught curling fever -- All the TV are tuned to the Olympic curling matches, and those folks in Canada or wherever who are sliding the rock are garnering big cheers and jeers here at the G4 compound.

So where are the curling video games? Other than an announced but seemingly abandoned Wii game (video below), a section of Deca Sports a Windows 98 game and a couple mobile games, the sport just hasn't made much of an impression on the gaming community. This obviously needs to change.

Wee Curl Prototype Video from Complex Games Inc. on Vimeo.

"It's a tragedy!" says G4 curling aficionado Dana Vinson.

"I think it's sad because it's one of the few events in the Winter Olympics that actually lends itself to decent gameplay. Skiing is just hurling yourself down a damn hill. Curling, on the other hand, is super fun!" Said Mike D'Alonzo, future curling superstar.

With all three consoles soon to be fully motion control enabled, I'd love to see competing, AAA level curling games shown off at this year's E3. I want to be able to scan in my favorite broom in the Natal version (Go, Old Sandy!). What do you think? Are you pro or anti curling?

Midday Discussion: What's With Curling, Anyway?


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