Spider-Man Reboot Set For 2012 Release...In 3D!


Posted February 11, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Spider-Man Reboot Set For 2012 Release...In 3D!

If you're in the camp of fans that are skeptical of the upcoming reboot of Spider-Man, then it seems that Sony brought a nice little incentive to the table: 3D! That's right, the post-Avatar surge in all things beyond two dimensions has apparently not overlooked our favorite faceless, un-cast, non-Tobey Maguire webslinger.

In the other bit of Spidey news, the release date of the still-to-be named project has been made official. Got any plans for July 3, 2012? If you're not busy with the whole crustal displacement of the Earth/"dogs and cats living together" thing, then you may be inclined to check out director Marc Webb's effort.

Will that be enough to change some minds? Besides being a nice distraction from the apocalypse, would the idea of experiencing Spidey swinging high above New York in an awesome virtual way, while dodging bullets that fly in your face chip away at your incredulity? Or will that still depend on exactly WHO will nab the coveted role of Peter Parker? [Note: This article has officially met its "At least two 2012 jokes" quota.]

It's pure, conjecture-filled speculation time, folks!

The field of candidates for the new Spidey doesn't seem to have any particular favorites. However, if we are able to assign some value to existing rumors (since they often contain at least a grain of truth,) then we may be able to assume that the field has at least narrowed. As MTV Splash Page points out, the rumor about the studio's interest in 18-year-old Logan Lerman of Percy Jackson & The Olympians (a rumor that Lerman has denied thus far,) may have somehow telegraphed the area in which Sony is looking: Specifically one that's young.

This, in turn, would rule out Joseph Gordon-Levitt, (who starred in Webb's recent breakthrough hit, (500) Days of Summer,) who will turn 29 next week. By "looking for real teenagers" standards, he's one step from filing for Social Security. Then there was the tabloid-originated rumor of 22 year-old Zac Efron taking over the role. While it would be a fanboy's nightmare, it would still have some merit under that logic. Michael Cera was also a name that was thrown out there in the blogs. He's only 21 and would pull off that "genuine geek" aura that few of the legitimate contenders could carry. However, rumors of his involvement thus far, seems to be a creation of fans.

Another line of logic says that Sony is being extremely economical in its choices as a general principle (as evidenced by the selection of the unproven director, Webb.) We could then assume that a relatively unknown actor is destined for the part. Therefore, this could be the case of a young actor being plucked from virtual (or complete) obscurity to be thrown into a major motion picture event. If that is the case, the film will need to rely on the substance that we're seeing on the screen to win over the disheartened naysayers.

Hopefully, whoever is selected will be able to bring something DIFFERENT to the table. (And I mean "different" in a good way.) It may take more than gimmicks to forget the mess that was left of the Spider-Man film franchise. Personally, I'm rooting for Webb. While I definitely feel that this franchise needed to take a breather for about a decade, I definitely do not want to see it fall flat on its face.

Source: MTV Splash Page

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Spider-Man Reboot Set For 2012 Release...In 3D!


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