Predictions: How Will Peter Molyneux Anger Gamers?


Posted February 9, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Fable III May Use Natal Motion Controller

Fable creator Peter Molyneux is going to piss you off. Later this week at Microsoft's X10 conference, Molyneux is going to  reveal something about  Fable III that you will not like. In a recent interview, the gaming visionary said:

 "There’s some very, very big things happening in Fable. Bigger than you think, and it’s going to really going to upset people. I’m really scared. When I go out and tell people what it is, they’re going to get super pissed off. They really are. But it’s the right thing to do."

Below are TheFeed's thoughts on what Molyneux may have in mind:

Jake Gaskill: The only thing I can think of that would really cause the kind of up-in-arms reaction that Peter Molyneux is expecting is near-100 percent Natal integration. So many gamers are chomping at the bit to tear Natal apart, and I think seeing one of Microsoft’s most acclaimed first-party franchises adopt Natal right at the beginning of its life cycle would provide the perfect catalyst for it. Of course, when I try to imagine what the actual gameplay would look like Natal-ized, I just can’t see it (But that’s probably why I’m not working on Fable III).

Andrew Pfister: The main things that piss gamers off nowadays are:

1) Motion control

2) Feeling like they’re not getting their money’s worth

3) Having to wait for things

I’m going to go with “Fable III is entirely episodic, and heavily reliant on Project Natal.”

Sterling McGarvey: At this point, Molyneux can say that it’s going to rain outside Lionhead’s suburban London studio, and the effluent praise he’ll heap down on each raindrop will piss gamers off in a way no one has seen before. I’ll go with “full Natal support for $100,” Alex.

Stephen Johnson: Peter Molyneux is exuberant and filled with hope and joy. He makes promises he can't possibly fulfill, then everyone on the internets-machine gets all mad, but I like the world Peter Molyneux lives in much better than the real world. In the real world, technical and budgetary limitations destroy the amazing games in Peter Molyneux's head. I hate the nattering nabobs of video game negativity who whine and mewl endlessly and will never be satisfied with anything, ever. I have no idea what Molyneux is going to announced, but I hope whatever it is makes the angry-wing of frustrated gamers furious! I hope they whine about it all day and night on the internet for months -- that's like beautiful music to me, and it means Peter Molyneux is on the right track.

Patrick Klepek: I think he's going to take his pants off and take a dump on the stage.

You won't have to wait long to find whether we're right about the Natal support, either. .X10 goes down this Thursday, and we'll have up-to-the-minute coverage of this Microsoft press event right here on G4

Predictions: How Will Peter Molyneux Anger Gamers?


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