Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids For BioShock 2


Posted February 9, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids

Creating plasmids for Andrew Ryan’s underwater metropolis of Rapture isn’t as easy as it looks, and people rarely take the time to consider what went into bringing about such revered ability boosts like Incinerate or Hypnotize. And while plasmid creation is a taxing process, the results have been undeniably fruitful. Of course, like with any scientific endeavor, there are bound to be mistakes, miscalculations, and lapses in judgment. And to prove it, we’ve compiled a list of Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids for your consideration. See what the citizens of Rapture could have been spending their hard earned money on had these abominations been approved.

Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids

5. Sympathize – Tired of never having enough cash? Always find yourself patting down your Big Daddy suit to see if you have a few bucks for another health pack or Eve hypo? Well, with the new Sympathize plasmid, you’ll be up to your helmet in expendable income. Just one injection and your hand will never be without a grimy paper cup, perfect to bum a few extra cents off of splicers before pinning their heads to walls with spears.

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Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids

4. Flower Power – Using brute force not getting you anywhere? Then why not turn the other cheek with Flower Power. Shower your enemies with some of the finest bouquets Acadia has to offer, and show those murderous brutes who’s the bigger daddy. Side effects may include accelerated death and an uncontrollable urge to totally eat like 50 brownies and listen to the Dead.

3. Drafty – Roaming the halls of Rapture in search of people to murder in horrifically violent ways can really make a splicer sweat. Fortunately, with Sinclair’s latest Drafty plasmid, you’ll be able to slightly cool down your foes, or yourself, by emitting a somewhat steady stream of air from your fingertips. It’s also a great way to keep Rapture dust free.

Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids For BioShock 2

2. Meta Pummel – having trouble explaining to friends just what Rapture is all about? Thanks to Meta Pummel, you’ll never have this problem again. Watch as your hand turns into a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, giving you the perfect way to literally and figuratively beat your pals over the head with the founding principles of Andrew Ryan’s beloved utopia under the sea.

Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids For BioShock 2

1. Heroin – Life in Rapture got you down? Feel like just ending it all, but you’d rather just die a little each day, while feeling really good 20 minutes at time? Sure it won’t let you shoot fire or electricity, and you’ll be an incredibly easy target for splicers, but on the up side, you probably won’t even notice when they gut you and shoot you in the face. Oh, and watch out. The come down can be pretty harsh.

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Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids For BioShock 2


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