Here Are A Few Details On PixelJunk Shooter 2


Posted February 8, 2010 - By pklepek

PixelJunk Shooter

Q Games tends to move from one project to the next and while the Japanese-based studio is already hard at work at something not called PixelJunk Shooter, Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert recently told me he's excited to work on something before that: PixelJunk Shooter 2.

"Normally sequels are just a re-hashing of the ideas in the original," said Cuthbert, "but for PixelJunk Shooter we still have a ton of ideas on the drawing board and the engine has lots of potential we want to use before moving onto our next idea. It would be a waste not to use it to try out more stuff."

As for what those other ideas are? As you might expect, Cuthbert was less forthcoming. He did confirm there were no vehicle suits cut from the game, so all of those would be based on what the studio learned from developing PixelJunk Shooter and gauging reaction from players.

"We managed to put in all the ship 'suits' that we thought up this time around," he explained, "but there will be a number of new suits to make use of some of the brand new ideas for fluid gimmicks you may or may not see sometime soon."

Cuthbert was talking about PixelJunk Shooter 2 before PixelJunk Shooter was even released, so it's clear he's anxious to move forward immediately. If I learn more, I'll be sure to pass it on.

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Here Are A Few Details On PixelJunk Shooter 2