Peter Molyneux Says Fable III Nearing "Final Edit"


Posted February 5, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Peter Molyneux Says Fable III Nearing

Want to know how Fable III development is progressing? Well, you’re in luck. Lionhead Studio’s head lion Peter Molyneux recently told Develop that Fable III is “almost at its final edit.”

Not only does this mean that the game’s development is clearly on track for its release later this year, but it also means the demo that Lionhead is planning to show at Microsoft’s X10 event next week in San Francisco should be indicative of what we can expect from the final version.

Given that Fable III includes Project Natal-powered features, it will have to either launch with or release shortly thereafter. Fable II came out in October back in 2008. Could we be waving to the citizens of Albion/to the camera in front of our televisions by Halloween? If we find out next week, we'll let you know.

Source: Develop

Peter Molyneux Says Fable III Nearing "Final Edit"


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