Heavy Rain Demo Available Now...For Skilled Detectives


Posted February 5, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Heavy Rain Demo Available Now...For Skilled Detectives

Like all participants in the browser-based mystery tie-in game based on Quantic Dream's upcoming thriller Heavy Rain, I just received a rather pleasant surprise: access to the game's demo...a week early.

The game started last week with a word scramble puzzle that lead to a Twitter account for a particularly crazed user that offered clues for later puzzles. The next challenge was YouTube based, and required you to keep a woman who had called 911 on the line until police arrived at a crime scene. For the final puzzle, you have to pick four pieces of evidence found at a crime scene to determine the best way for your investigation to proceed. Picking the correct four pieces brings up a "Congratulations!" screen and, best of all, a download voucher code.

I’ll admit that I blindly guessed on one of the four pieces of evidence, but I don’t care, because I’ll be playing me some Heavy Rain tonight, and that pleases me greatly. If you want to try out the demo early too, just head over to the "Four Days”: The Heavy Rain Online Experience" page and sign-up. Follow the clues, solve the puzzle, and the demo is yours.

Did you manage to crack the case without cheating? Please explain your reasoning behind your choices. Obviously, spoilers are unavoidable, so if you want to solve it on your own, I’d avoid the comments section.

Heavy Rain Demo Available Now...For Skilled Detectives