Midday Discussion: The Best Fast Food Restaurants


Posted February 4, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Life Imitates Art: Grand Theft Burger King?[Update: 1:55 PM]: Chick Fil' A is somewhat better than Wendy's, but not as good as In N' Out Burger. We apologize for the misunderstanding.

This post has little if anything to do with video games, but I imagine you'll all have salient points to make on the subject any way. That subject: Fast Food.

Below you'll find a list of the best fast food places in the country. In order of goodness. Rule: Has to have a drive-through or it doesn't count.

1) In N' Out Burger: If you don't live on the West coast, your life is infinitely less awesome because you cannot partake of the majestic Double Double from In N' Out Burger. It's really in a different league from any other fast food place on earth.

2) Wendy's: The burgers are square. The shakes are thick. Seriously, what can you complain about?

3) White Castle: I've only eaten at White Castle at the end of lo-o-ong nights (if you know what I mean), so this is not an "objective" opinion, but damn those sliders are amazing, and I can eat about 600 of them.

4) Taco Bell: I don't know why I like this food. Objectively, it's terrible, and yet, when you eat some, you need more. And More... AND MORE. I think they put heroin in it.

5) Long John Silver's: Okay, this isn't really the best fast food place, but I wanted to remind you it still exists. Ditto Orange Julius and Arthur Treechers.

This post has caused heated internal discussion over here at G4. TheFeed's Frank Meyer threatened to punch me out for not including Waffle House, while Andrew Pfister is shaking his head in pity and disgust that anyone would eat at any of these terrible roach-houses. What do you think? Good list, or are we totally off here?

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Midday Discussion: The Best Fast Food Restaurants