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Posted February 3, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Comic-Con 09 Live Blog: Lost -- The Final Season Begins

Did you guys watch the season premeire of Lost last night? We all did here at G4, and below you'll find some snap reactions to the show. For more in-depth analysis,TheFeed's guide to Lost will be published every Tuesday morning to get you all pumped for the show that night.

Andrew Pfister, Personal Assistant to Jacob: Oh, where to begin. Let’s keep it simple until next week’s pre-episode banter. Here are my big takeaways from last night:

1) The Island’s underwater:  It’s not due to the bomb, because New Otherton was shown, which means it got built on dry land after the 1977 “Incident.” The sinking must have happened after that, and my theory is that it has something to do with the volcano mentioned in season 3’s Ben episode “The Man Behind The Curtain.”

2) Smokey! Good call from reader blindsideofthesun in Monday’s question post, who noted that it should have been obvious that “The Man in Black” was the smoke monster. I don’t know if they’ll explain exactly *how* the monster works, but hopefully we’ll get an MIB origin story. It also proved my assumption correct from way back in Season 3 when we first saw the cabin – the ashes keep Smokey at bay…just as long as he doesn’t knock you out of the ring and impale you on a post.

3) Richard, aka “Ricardus,” was at one point in chains. Which pretty much means he originally came to the Island on the Black Rock.

4) Like Smokey, the Island’s healing power was revealed (but also not fully explained). The significance of the Temple’s pool water turning brown most likely is a result of Jacob’s death, but how does that affect Sayid’s resurrection? (If that really is Sayid now…)

5) Juliet is dead dead, because she got the tender “Death Theme From LOST” piano ballad. But there are now two realities, so who knows what happened to Juliet in the “No Crash” branch? Miles hearing her ghost-say that “it worked” probably means she’s alive and well back in America and never ended up going to the Island in the first place (otherwise, she’d be under water).

6)  Dharma Shark!

Jake Gaskill, Survivor:  “Dead characters” resurrected through the spirits that inhabit the island, the smoke monster, Sawyer being all "I'm going to kill you...oh, OK. I'll just sit over here and be all broody," and more questions being raised than answered: It’s nice to see the folks at Lost are really mixing things up for the final season!

While I know the show’s most important questions won’t be answered until the last five minutes of the final episode, I’m still looking forward to the journey to get there. The first season will always be my favorite, but I am digging where the story is at right now, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Lost has been the ultimate example of why questions are always more interesting than answers. I mean, speculating about the identity of the Wizard of Oz is infinitely more compelling than finding out that it’s just some eccentric rich dude hiding behind a curtain. Then again, finding out something like Kevin Spacey is Keiser Sose can be pretty rad too. That’s because it all comes down to what the answer is, and I’m really hoping Lost comes to a close in a way that’s just as thought provoking and gripping as the way it started. Not to set the bar too high or anything.

What happened to the other mini-Vodka bottle?! Lost is so craaaaazy!!!


Stephen Johnson, Other: I watched last night’s episode from the perspective of a former fan who gave up after season four of Lost, and I found it utterly incomprehensible. All the Losties here at G4 have been yelling at me all morning because they feel my opinion is worthless, as I have not seen the fifth season of the show. But I still watched last night’s program, and here’s what I thought: Watching Lost without knowing what happened last season was like suffering through a root canal without anesthetics – all the CGI, and “meaningful” slow-motion reaction shots were just terrible without context, and why should anyone care if people die when their characters always show up again? "But that's because of alternative time-lines!" they say. Blach blah blah. Who cares? Anyway, they tell me if I watched the last season of the show I’d be really impressed. Maybe so. Whatever.

I’ll shut up now, though, as it’s been made very clear to me that Lost isn’t a show for people not committed to studying every episode. Lost is serious business. Come to think of it, the reason I stopped watching Lost was because it started to feel like an assignment as opposed to entertainment, and who needs that?  In the future, I will either watch season five or shut up about Lost.

Lost Via Domus

Patrick Klepek, Oceanic Six: Well, the last season premiere of Lost is officially over. That actually makes me sad. We've been waiting years for answers and, like it or not, we're about to get them. Lost is the most challenging show I've ever watched, requiring the viewer to pay unusually close attention to every detail, however seemingly insignificant, and typically watch an episode multiple times to process everything (and still be confused). The season premiere was exactly what Lost fans have been looking for since the beginning and established an end game for the series. Will the fake John Locke get to meet the new (old?) alternate-reality John Locke? Did the show just imply that Richard Alpert was a slave on the Black Rock? How come the smoke monster's such a dick? Who knows if Lost will provide satisfying answers by its May finale (so far I'm hopeful), but one thing is clear: it's finally coming to an end. Happily, I'll be there every step of the way.

Sterling McGarvey, Tailie: I have never watched an episode of Lost in my life, but I think Steve Johnson is crazy. I may not know why that dude keeps screaming “Walt” or why my former co-workers kept talking about that and The Black Smoke, but I’d never skip a season of a heavily serialized show then expect to know what’s happening when I come back. It’d be like watching two seasons of The Wire then asking why Baltimore schools are messed up and why this Marlo Stanfield character is so angry. Get thee to Instant Queue, Mr. Johnson, and stat.

Eric Eckstein, Hostile: Ugh.

What did you guys think of the show?

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Last Night's Lost: TheFeed Reacts


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